J'adore Couture

Say Yes to Couture


 Couture is the art of dressmaking. 

The fabric is the canvas, and it all begins 

with a vision of you. ​ 

When you want to look your absolute best, there is nothing better than a custom designed gown. It is a gift to the wearer.  

Each Charmaine Mischel Couture gown, dress and ensemble is passionately, patiently and individually cut, sewn and  custom fitted. There is nothing like the feel and fit of a gown made just for you. It's quite a wonderful experience...one you and your loved ones will long remember.  

Fabrics & Embellishments


With  an array of fine fabrics and colour selections at our fingertips, there is much 

to choose from.  

We use sumptuous silks of all kinds...  Organzas, Chiffons, Peau de Soies, 

Taffetas, and Matelasses.  

French Laces and Tulles,  as well as beaded, embroidered and hand embellished fabrics, are also some  of our favorites.   

For a delightful finishing touch, we work hand in  hand with our multi-talented New York embroidery design studio team to create exclusive, one  of a kind Swarovski crystal beadwork and embellishments for those with an eye for the exquisite.

The Design Process


The  process is very simple. It begins with an initial consultation.

During this appointment you'll touch on the type of affair you are attending, and discuss exactly how you envision yourself walking through the door. Imagine it...when you enter the room, all heads will turn! Yet, you'll  feel perfectly comfortable. Your custom designed gown will  leave a lovely impression that will last long after the event has ended.  

If you are in the New York City, or Long Island area, contact Charmaine Mischel at 

 516-608-2537 to schedule your own 

private consultation.